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Aneta Radon
Scientific Officer Kopernikus-Project ENSURE

+49 721 608 22420

aneta.radon (at) kit.edu



SCI scientists are successfully particpating in the consortia of three Kopernikus projects, funded by the Federal Government: ENSURE, ENavi and P2X
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The project ENSURE (German acronym of New Power Grid Structures for the Energy Turnaround) will face the following question: What is a technically, economically, and socially reasonable power grid structure and which fractions of centralized and decentralized supply does it comprise? For this purpose, efficient new system structures, stable system control mechanisms, and the integration of new technologies will be studied comprehensively under the project. Particular attention will be paid to the technical and societal transformation process to be managed. Technologies for power transmission will be in the focus as will information and communication technologies to ensure accounting and stability in the interlinked supply structures.

Participating Helmholtz-Centers: KIT (as Coordinator)

Press release 049/2016



Under the Kopernikus project “P2X: Investigation, Validation, and Implementation of Power-to-X Processes”, KIT will  coordinate a research cluster focusing on modular and autonomous technologies for the conversion of synthesis gas based on carbon dioxide in hydrocarbons and long-chained alcohols. Research will concentrate on new process technologies for the production of fuels, synthetic natural gas (SNG), and chemicals from alternative energy sources, which are suited for decentralized use. In addition, KIT participates in the clusters of “Decentralized H2 Logistics: Storage and Distribution via Liquid Hydrogen Carriers” and “Oxomethylene Ether: Fuels and Plastics Based on Carbon Hydroxide and Hydrogen”.

Participating Helmholtz-Centers: FZJ (as Coordinator), DLR, KIT + INERATEC



The Kopernikus project “System Integration and Networking of Energy Supply (ENavi)” will extend the focus of the “energy turnaround” to cover the transformation process of the whole society, as the transformation of the energy system will result in challenges that will only be managed by a holistic approach on the system level. This project is aimed at obtaining an improved and in-depth understanding of the complex “system of systems” in the energy sector and associated areas, such as industry and consumption, and at generating options for collectively effective measures.

Participating Helmholtz-Centers: DLR, GFZ, KIT, UFZ


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