Storage and Cross-linked Infrastructures (SCI)

Research Highlights 2015

lime storage system
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Energy researchers at the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) have put into service an innovative thermal storage system that uses lime as the storage medium. The lime storage system is a further development of an initial prototype and can store energy more economically and efficiently. Thermochemical storage systems have the potential to save a considerable amount of energy, especially in industrial processes and households.



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Sulfur was infiltrated in a newly developed process in so-called ultramicroporous carbon. When used as a cathode, the solvent can not penetrate into the pores of the composite because the small pore size does not allow this. The Li ions therefore first intercalate into the carbon and then react in a quasi-solid-state reaction with the sulfur. The regioselectivity of the process prevents the formation of soluble and long chain polysulfides and their adverse effects in the system. Furthermore, the normally two-stage process becomes a one-step process with only one voltage plateau.

Nature Journal


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The targeted structuring of water-repellent properties in gas diffusion media, which ensure effective gas distribution in membrane fuel cells, has allowed an increase in the power density of up to 20 percent in cells with little platinum. This is particularly important in wet conditions and under high loads and improves the performance related to the noble metal loading with a relatively low technical effort.