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EU Project FASTGRID approved

The Institute for Technical Physics (ITEP) and the SCI program management have gained an European Project named “Cost effective FCL using advanced superconducting tapes for future HVDC grids” (FASTGRID). The project aims at improving significantly existing REBCO conductor architecture to make SCFCLs economically attractive for HVDC Supergrids. However, availability of such an advanced conductor will have an impact on virtually all other applications of HTS tapes. The project consortium consists of 11 European partners CNRS as coordinator (FR), KIT (DE), SG Institut (FR), CSIC (ES), Oxolutia (ES), THEVA (DE), RSE (IT), TAU (IL), IEE (SK), EPFL (CH), STUBA (SK) and EPM from Canada. The total budget is 9.03 Mio€, KIT receives 759 T€.

FASTGRID website

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