SEKO (sector coupling)


Within the Helmholtz research infrastructures Energy Lab 2.0 and Living Lab Energy Campus, a technology platform is being developed at KIT's Campus North that enables the connection of different energy sources (electricity, heat/cooling, gas) with the help of ICT. The construction of the main components is to be completed by the end of 2018. This results in a very good starting position to investigate the system integration of different technologies with the help of information technology and to develop and validate methods for the dynamic coupling of the individual sectors.

In direct preparation for the Energy Systems Design (ESD) programme to be redesigned in the research area (FR) Energy of the Helmholtz Association in the funding period POF IV, research will focus in particular on the sector coupling of electricity, heating/cooling and gas (Natural Gas/Synthetic Natural Gas SNG) as material energy sources. In order to consistently advance the R&D work in the Department of Energy with the goal of sector coupling, the Energy Lab 2.0 plant network in connection with the properties of the KIT Campus North will be aligned in the sense of a real laboratory (Living Lab Energy Campus).


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