Storage and Cross-linked Infrastructures (SCI)

Topic 4 Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells are expected to serve as a sustainable, powerful, and economical solution for mobile and stationary applications. Compared with conventional energy conversion systems, fuel cells have significant advantages in terms of efficiency, fuel flexibility, and modularity. Using hydrogen and biofuels such as biomethanol is inherently possible. We are pursuing an interdisciplinary and integrated approach, from basic studies to complete systems, in a variety of collaborations. Our research includes comparing fuel cells with competing systems from a technological, energetic and economic perspective.

A major objective is adapting lifetime, cost and efficiency on an application-specific level. Another important aspect is improved materials and manufacturing methods. The technologies covered under this topic solid oxide and high-temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cells (SOFC and HT-PEFC), fuel processing units, polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEM-FC), and direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC).


Participating Helmholtz Centers: DLR, FZJ